Andrea Platt


Pittsboro, IN


Growing up, my siblings and I often received a new camera from Santa. From Kodaks to Vivitars, we'd run through countless rolls of film shooting everything and anything. Today, my passion for photography is still the same - thank goodness for digital! While it's not my profession, I try to continually grow and expand my knowledge of this art form. I credit photography for teaching me, "3 P's" in life. Patience, Persistence and Preparedness. Patience -- sometimes you just have to wait for the right moment - I'm often rewarded when I do this. Persistence - going back to the same place over and over, looking for different angles/aspects often rewards me with that perfect shot. And finally, preparedness - being ready to take a picture when it presents itself. I hope you enjoy seeing the world through my eyes.

Please respect my photography as all my pictures are copyrighted. Thank you!


Dandelion Matrix by Andrea Platt


Maine Morning by Andrea Platt


Open Seating by Andrea Platt


Curves of Steel by Andrea Platt


Resurrection by Andrea Platt


Glitter Express by Andrea Platt


Marbles by Andrea Platt


Jamie's Pond by Andrea Platt


Together by Andrea Platt


Simply Daisy by Andrea Platt


Purple Splash by Andrea Platt


Crash by Andrea Platt


Hanging On by Andrea Platt


Color Wheel by Andrea Platt


Standing Tall by Andrea Platt


Radioactive Bouquet by Andrea Platt


Catching Some Rays by Andrea Platt